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CAMP GRACE legacy began in 1953 as a young women’s church camp where girls ages 12-18 came together to camp and play and craft and sing among the tall pines at the top of the Mogollon Mountains at almost 7,000 feet elevation.  In the 1980’s Mission of Grace became the proprietors of Camp Grace and added to the rich history by becoming a chapel then the Love Kitchen and then endless summer camps.  Then in 2019, with the camp in disrepair, the Brimhall Family saved Camp Grace.  Staying true to the rich history of Camp Grace, they revitalized the grounds and added a little creative glam to all the accommodations so that all  adventurers would be comfortable and inspired as they enjoyed the indoors and outdoors.

Since 2019, Camp Grace has provided an opportunity for over 2,000 children to come to camp, free of charge, thanks to people like you (proceeds from your stay go towards scholarships for campers).  Indeed, Camp Grace  is truly a unique getaway retreat where venturous campers of varied abilities, cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds come together to learn, grow, and celebrate a life of  endless adventure.

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6385 West White Mountain Blvd

Lakeside, Arizona 85929


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Sleepy Grace was the perfect place for our family reunions! The vintage cabins, adventure activities, and beautiful surroundings made our reunion one we could never forget.

Karl from Oregon

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